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At Jessie’s Branch, we’re fully committed to providing high-quality cannabidiol products. Whether our clients require dried flowers, tinctures, isolate, distillate, or oil - we’ve got you covered. It’s our promise to ensure that each and every CBD product is filled with the purest-forms of cannabidiol - all while being lab-tested and fully compliant.


For decades, we’ve advocated for CBD products because the effects have shown tremendous therapeutic potential. Our team stands behind the beneficial properties that CBD provides, and we’re here to ensure that the very best CBD products reach those in need.


Due to the increasing demand for effective CBD products, we’ve created Jessie’s Branch to be a dependable outlet for retailers to source pure CBD and CBD-based products. By doing so, retailers throughout the country can stock their shelves with our CBD products labeled under their own brand.


We understand the difficulty of finding high-quality and effective CBD sources. The current market is filled with individuals who place money above all else, which means their products are less likely to be effective. Jessie’s Branch stands contrary to the belief of a quick buck, and instead, we believe that it’s our destiny to provide the best of the best - at the most affordable price.


By doing so, we hope to stimulate the growth of your business by doing the heavy lifting. The heavy lifting, in this case, is sourcing and processing hemp that’s abundant in CBD. We’ve scoured the nation for hemp farms that show a commitment to quality, standards, and business ethics.


At Jessie’s Branch, connoisseur-grade CBD isn’t what makes the cut. What does, is organic and non-GMO grown hemp that’s then processed into CBD. If we’re using CBD as a therapeutic substance, then we believe that the source should never be shrouded in harmful chemicals or residues. This is why you’ll never find a CBD product that contains even the smallest trace of synthetic compounds. If you don’t believe us - take a look at our publicly available lab tests.

Pay It Forward 


At Jessie’s Branch, we believe in paying it forward. By providing our retailers with the finest selection of CBD products - we insist that they, in turn, make these products available at affordable prices for their customers.


Just as our hemp farmers wish to see their hard work go towards a noble cause, so do we - which is why we offer heavily discounted bulk pricing.

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When it comes to our CBD products, we aren’t afraid to admit that we go overboard with lab tests. Call us obsessed, but we lab test each of our products a minimum of 4 separate times via a third-party analysis group.


By doing so, we guarantee that our products are within full compliance with state standards. Whether the product is a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate, or distillate, each an every active cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid will show on the analysis.

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