Farming Partnerships
Farming Partnerships

At Jessie’s Branch, we’ve searched far and wide to find the best hemp farms. However, that doesn’t mean we’re done by any means.


This is why we’ve introduced our Farming Co-Ops program, which was built to help hemp farmers gain proper licensing and support during all stages of the hemp crop’s life.


If you’re wondering how you can join our Farming Co-Op, you’ll first need to simply apply.


During this initial stage, your farming site will be surveyed by our agricultural specialists. Once complete, you’ll be notified if you’ve been accepted into our Farming Co-Op. It should be noted that spaces are limited, and applying does not mean you’ll be approved.


Once you’ve been approved for our Farming Co-Op, you’ll be prompted to decide which of our three services you’d like to begin with.

Our Services 

We offer three services that are meant to help you efficiently grow a gold standard hemp crop. Let’s take a look at the three services that we offer in detail.

The Ala Carte Set-Up is the fully customizable option that allows you to tell us what you need. This option is geared towards farmers who already are growing hemp or are looking to transition their crops towards hemp.


The Ala Carte Set-Up gives you a program cost discount because we aren’t required to fully revamp your entire farm for hemp growth. This option is best when you’re fully capable of growing a hemp crop but only require guidance on specific aspects, such as nutritional demands, harvesting, obtaining permits, grow management, or finding a buyer for your hemp crop.


Ala Carte Set-Up

This option is perfect for those who are just starting down the path of agriculture and hemp cultivation. If you’ve just acquired land and need assistance to get your hemp farm up to standards - then this is the option you’re looking for.


This option is our full-package, and it means that we’re with you all the way - from seed to shelf.

When you choose this option, you’ll receive:

  • Farm Land/Greenhouse Soil Assessment

  • Obtaining Permits

  • Prepare Land For Planting

  • Secure Crop Pre-Planting

  • Identify and Install Water and Nutrition Delivery Systems

  • Schedule Grow Management

  • Harvesting and Processing

  • Selling The Hemp Crop


Full Set-Up

This is the third and final option that we offer to those accepted into our Farming Co-Op Program.


The Brokerage Set-Up offers farmers a rapid sale of their harvest for a fee of 10% of the total harvest proceeds. We have a vast network of distributors, and we broker presales to guarantee that your harvest sells for the price you seek - fast.


Harvest Brokering Set-Up

Full Set-Up Includes All of the Below

Step 1: Farm Land/Greenhouse Soil Assessment

Your crops will only be as healthy as the health of your soil. Due to this, we immediately begin by assessing the nutritional value of your land. Whether you’re in a greenhouse or on farmland, we’ll send our soil scientists to get samples to paint a clear picture of what your soil needs - or doesn’t need.

Program Cost: $800.00

Step 2: Obtaining Proper Permits and Certificates

Next, we’ll move through the motions to lock-down the required paperwork and permits to allow you to legally cultivate hemp. This process is a complete headache for most; however, our legal experts will do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on growing an incredible hemp crop.

Program Cost: $7,250

Step 3: Prepare Land for Planting

When it comes to large-scale agriculture, the planting phase is incredibly critical. It’s important because your preparation will show in the months to come. We recommend certain tilling practices and also hire professional workers to handle heavy machinery - such as disking, harrowing, and plowing.

Program Cost: $2750
(Excludes all training and on site labor first 30 days)

Step 4: Secure Crop Pre-Planting

One of the biggest dangers to your crop is damage from animals. Due to this, we set-up the necessary amount of fencing (non-electric or electric) on your land to ensure that nothing nibbles on your hemp. We also provide the necessary signage that’s required by law in any area that’s used to grow hemp.

Program Cost: $200 - $3500 per acre

Step 5: Identify and Install Water and Nutrition Delivery Systems

For many, finding appropriate water sources is a significant headache. Our irrigation professionals will adequately identify and install water and nutritional delivery systems to optimize your hemp crop.

Program Cost: $200 Per Acre

Step 6: Schedule Grow Management

Our team of plant specialists will be on-site for the first 30-days and oversee all operations from A-Z. After the 30 days, we’ll provide a plant technician to train an on-site caretaker of your choice. Don’t worry; if you don’t have a caretaker in mind - we’ll provide one.

Program Cost: $2,500

Step 7: Harvesting and Processing

Once your hemp crop is complete, we’ll oversee all operations, such as harvesting, drying, and curing. We’ll teach you and your team the best practices, so you’ll be ready for anything in the future.

Program Cost: $10,650

Step 8: Selling the Hemp Crop

Now that your hemp crop is done, it’s time to sell it. At Jessie’s Branch, we have over 230 distribution outlets, which ensure that you’ll find your asking price within a week. This method entails the use of our Brokerage System and sales professionals who find buyers as the crop is nearly finished. This ensures a rapid turnaround so that you get paid quickly.

Program cost: 10% of Total Harvest Sale Proceeds

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