Soothe & Main

An Opportunity that Feels Great!

Soothe & Main is an upscale destination for relaxation focused on health and wellness. Our stores sell high quality Soothe & Main products with CBD that combined with our unique healthcare modalities help consumers with a myriad of health solutions.

Our luxury stores will include digital stations where consumers can answer a series of questions and be presented with a total package suggestion, incorporating CBD products that have the option to be auto-shipped monthly in addition to the appropriate modalities we offer in store to encourage repeat floor traffic.

Digital Technology

Our unique Cryo-Suite provides cutting edge pain relief and aesthetic services and is just one part of our unique health modalities that include dry flotation beds, leg compression therapies, zero-gravity chairs and infrared saunas.

Unique Modalities

The Soothe & Main Experience

Customers are greeted by self-serve tablet kiosks. Each tablet allows them to create a health profile based on their ailments that will create a product and service list uniquely tailored to their condition.  

Our 'chill zone' is free and is operated on a first-come first served basis and is intended to draw in more customers to buy our retail products and use our modalities.  We also offer customers subscription based service that will auto-ship products to them monthly. 

The Soothe & Main Line of Products

All Natural, Organic products especially formulated with Jessie's Branch CBD.

You can see the full line of products here

• You will have the freedom of owning your business
• High profit margins and at the same time provide affordable products to customers
• Consistent return customers

The Soothe & Main Opportunity

• Low startup costs
• Marketing support
• Multi-Channel Profit Centers

• Simple and easy setup and launch process
• A highly profitable expansion program for License owners to increase locations
• Cutting Edge Wellness Line including CBD and Cryo


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