Benefits of Adding CBD to Your Beauty Routine

The summer sun has been beating down this August and with that comes the risk of aging and dehydrated skin. In order to keep your skin protected and keep your glow, there is something that you may be missing in your beauty routine. And that is CBD. Yes, cannabidiol. CBD is fairly new to the beauty industry. It is important to differentiate CBD products with cannabis use. Our CBD is 100% THC-Free, meaning it does not contain any psycho-active properties. With the legalization of marijuana and the stigma around hemp and its derived products shifting, CBD is transforming the beauty industry.

So what are the benefits of CBD in beauty products? If you’re struggling with acne or redness, CBD will soothe your skin and maintain a healthy glow. It contains anti-inflammation properties and essential vitamins.

Let's debunk some common myths: no, it cannot get you high and no, it does not smell like cannabis. Use CBD in your skincare and beauty routine and take notice in the glow that takes over your body. CBD is up and coming and increasing in popularity for good reason. Research has shown that the benefits of CBD are endless, and it is something that you need. The amount of CBD products that have dominated the market are overwhelming and can make it difficult to choose which ones would be best. It is important to do your research when purchasing products that you put into/on your body and remember that less is more when it comes to the ingredient list on your beauty and skincare products. CBD beauty is changing the game, and it is a trend that is here to stay – choose wisely! Choose products with Jessie’s Branch CBD, and that give back. Pick up a box of Mom Bomb Calm Bombs CBD bath bombs!

Want to start your own CBD beauty line? Let our product development team at Jessie's Branch help you with everything along the way. From product concept to shipping in fulfillment, we've got you covered!

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