White Labeling

At Jessie’s Branch, we streamline everything from A-Z to ensure you get everything you need without breaking a sweat. We understand that our clients have a demand for specifically-formulated CBD products, but getting them off the ground is where problems occur. We’re fully operational and ready for your production needs - but it doesn’t end there.

White Labeling
What We Offer
Let’s take a look at what we offer through our White Labeling Service at Jessie’s Branch to turn your dreams into reality.

Everything begins with an idea. Your dreams, marketing plans, or product designs all have to start somewhere - and it’s this spark that can lead to an immensely successful product. It’s well known that if the foundation of an idea doesn’t have significant support, it has a higher chance of failure.


This is why we have a team of product design specialists who will work with you directly to create ideas, product concepts, and ingredient formulations.


Now, once the concept is in place, it’s time to move forward with specifics. It’s at this stage that we’ll assist you in fine-tuning the formulation of your CBD product. Regardless of how many iterations we go through, we won’t stop until you’re satisfied.


Whether you already have a product formulation in mind or are starting from scratch - we’ve got you covered.

Raw Material Sourcing

Here’s where most businesses incur large expenses or fail in finding exactly what they’re after. At Jessie’s Branch, we have a web of connections through our vast list of farms that we work with. This means that whatever you need - we’ll definitely know where to look.


By allowing us to assist you in product sourcing, you’ll always be rewarded with the lowest pricing to make sure your products are produced in the most efficient manner.


Although hemp cultivation is increasing - finding farms that are fully committed to organic practices and non-GMO hemp cultivars is not as common as you’d think. However, all of our hemp farms adhere to the most sustainable agricultural practices.

Graphic Design, Proofing, and Artwork Approval

Studies show that a product’s design plays a significant role in its success. At Jessie’s Branch, we completely understand the importance of an appealing and eye-catching design. Our graphic design specialists are fully capable of creating a multitude of options that fit your requests.


Once created and approved by you, we move to the proofing stage. This stage entails revisions that result in a completely optimized design. We don’t stop until you’re happy with the artwork.


Once the artwork is approved by you, the design is official. We then ship it to our partners to print the design for packaging.

Quality Control & Product Manufacturing

Once we’ve sourced the raw materials for your CBD product, we begin the quality control phase. It’s during this phase that we ensure that each product is void of harmful bacteria or residual chemicals.


Once cleared, the product in question if professional manufactured at our facility.

Packaging, Labeling and Lot Coding

During this step, we professionally package each product. This means that all weights and counts are ensured by our state-of-the-art packaging facility. We place fully-compliant labeling and the associated coding on each product for full traceability.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Our distributors work around the clock to get your products to you in a rapid manner. Once complete, you’ll find the CBD product of your dreams delivered directly to you.

Off-The-Shelf Products

If you’d rather skip the product design and receive a ready-for-market CBD product - then look no further than our off-the-shelf products.


Our primary offering is our Soothe & Main line. We are even able to fine-tune the formulations in the event you’re looking for a slightly customized product. This product is a ready-to-go product and is professionally packaged, labeled, and tested to ensure customer satisfaction.

Which is Right For You?

Once you’re ready to implement your ideal CBD product via or world-class white labeling process or easily pick out our Soothe & Main line, you’ll find the best prices - guaranteed.


Our White Label form is a pain-free process and only requires a few details from you for us to begin. Take a look below for the form and turn your dream product into a tangible reality.

Fill out this form to help us get a better idea on how we can get meet your needs!

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